Sunday, January 24, 2010

Delayed Homecoming

The flight from Cancun to Miami was a breeze, on time and every thing. Then we even got on board the plane for Tampa and buckled in before the pilot comes over the intercom. "We are experiencing electrical problems on the plane and we will have to get it fixed before we can go". Marlene, Judy, Jean and I looked at each other and started laughing hysterically.
I felt like announcing to the poor unsuspecting people that they were jinxed simply by being on the same plane with us! Three out of four planes we were on during the this trip experienced mechanical problems! After waiting probably an hour we were told to get off the plane and they would bring another plane for us. Next message was that they couldn't get us another plane and we'd have to line up and get reservations for another flight or even another airline.
We found a plane leaving at 10 PM instead of the 3 PM we originally were supposed to be on. We were also told we could go standby on a filled to capacity flight at 6:45. We stood by.
At the last moment we were called to the gate and we got the last four seats available. We were feeling lucky all of a sudden. THIS plane did make it out of Miami and into Tampa. Home sweet home!
Bill and Jim (Marlene's husband) were there to greet us. What a day and what a trip we have had. To say it is memorable will be an understatement. We are already laughing about it. What can you is what it is.
Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my Dr to see if all the parts are working. I'm feeling great but it will be good to get a good bill of health from someone that knows we don't have fingers on our feet. LOL
I will say that we had a wonderful time, bottom line. If we can have such a great time with all the calamity that befell us, then we are doing pretty darn good.
Jean is still here at the house with Bill and me. She had intended to spend the night before heading back to Hilton Head but had to stay one more day. The reason she stayed that one more day was the final straw to our saga of flights and misadventures. Our luggage didn't show up on the 6:45 as we were told and that we expected.
We had to line up in another LONG line and put our claim in for missing luggage. Today, as promised, our luggage was delivered to our door and so we finally can put an end to this trip.
Now we are wondering where we will go next. Stay tuned...


Mary said...

I'm glad that you can say that you had a good time despite all calamities. Good healing to you, Judy!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well at your physician visit. Will be interested to see where you will travel next..are these your new travel buddies..? lol

Judy Roney said...

I say they are my traveling buddies, CA, but this is only our second trip together. We went to Coasta Rica last year. After this year they may still be traveling buddies and I will HOPE I'll be invited again. I'll remind them that life is not dull with me along. LOL

Mary said...

Nice photo of all of you~