Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Party

Frank and Linda Vanek had a New Year’s party on Saturday night, January 2, 2010. I thought it was nice to have the party on a weekend night and after the holidays.
Frank is the man who planned and built our home. He lived here before he sold it to us. He has a construction company and he took all the ideas of the best parts of the homes he has made and made it into this home. I think it’s unique in that the outside is country looking and the inside is modern. Since we live in a country town, I love that the outside goes with our surroundings but I can be eclectic inside. Frank also builds good sound homes. His wife, Linda, is our title person at the car lot and she works at an auction as well. So, they are both involved in our life in some ways. Frank’s company is also the one that built the upstairs addition over a year ago.
Their home is beautiful. Frank’s well known for his construction company but we did not realize Linda is an incredible decorator. They complement each other in the building industry for sure.

Each room is warm and decorated so tastefully. We really loved that they have a fireplace out by the pool. Everyone was gathered around the fireplace, too, when it became cooler as the night went on. I can imagine the amount of work that went into setting up for the holidays and this party. We sure appreciated all the work that went into it and this gift that they give to their friends each year.
It was nice meeting a lot of people that we have heard about and surprisingly enough, we met a whole family of Roney's! There were about four sisters that were Roney’s. We will have to figure out if we are related.Here is Bill with one of the Roney's.

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Mary said...

I think it is neat that they had a New Year's party on January 2, and it sounds like a wonderful party in every aspect. Their home sounds as if it was ideal for such a party. I am glad you had such a wonderful time.