Monday, January 18, 2010

More of Same and Then..Paradise

After we boarded the plane in Miami finally and thought we were on our way we were held on board for almost two hours. Why, some of you might wonder as we did? Because it was raining. I had no clue that they kept planes from flying because of rain. We sat there and sat there and shook our heads as we mopped up the sweat because there was no air conditioning of course. sigh
By the time we landed in Cancun we were beyond tired. The Shuttle we asked for had given up on us I guess and was not there. We did finally get a cab and hoped we would end up where we were supposed to be. We did and we were bouyed by the beauty of the resort we saw as we drove up. FINALLY, about 24 hours after we were supposed to be there, we were at Royal Solaris. Wow! The beauty of the aqua blue clear ocean and the snow white of the sand really lifted our spirits fast, not to mention the champagne we were offered!Then we began our check in process which lasted over two hours!!!! We could not believe it. We were astounded that they had to give us all this information and hold us captive there for two hours while they slowly (we are on island time here...every thing is slow) checked us in. It was a process and they weren't going to deviate from it even though it was obvious we were beyond tired. We had the same clothes on since we left Tampa two days ago and had not seen our luggage since. Looks like they would be happy to get rid of us so we could go freshen up. We were starved and tired. Finally they released us BUT we had to wait in our room until our bags arrived before we could eat lunch We waited and waited and finally our luggage arrived.
NOW, the fun can begin. We got cleaned up and scoped the place out. The resort is HUGE! It's hard to walk the whole property. There are swimming pool next to the beach and the sights are spectacular. We have a VILLA! We have private balconies and practically our own house. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and two patios. Our home away from home for a week accept with this home we get housekeeping every day and all the food and drinks are included! We just try to orient ourselves after we have lunch.
For dinner Jean and I went to one of the many restaurants and Marlene and Judy chose to go to a special dinner with show in town that they offer to take you too. I was way too tired to go anywhere else. Jean and I made the good choice because Marlene and Judy said the food buffet where they were was just ok and there was so much noise and so many people where they went. Jean and I ate at an international restaurant and they had about five courses and you order anything you prices. This could be real dangerous, like a cruise as far as so much food available at all hours. The food was even more incredible than we thought. It was a good sign of things to come.

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Mary said...

I am enjoying your updates, Judy. I am glad you finally got there and that the resort is beautiful. It definitely IS dangerous being able to eat all you want to eat....but fun, isn't it? I will keep checking back.