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April 23, 2012

I realize that the posts don't mean much without the replies so I'm posting those, too. My I can do that. :)

I was lost on an incredible road where the oaks formed an umbrella over the street and sun still found it's way in the pastures and fields. There were horses and ponds, houses sitting on acres of land, red barns and wild flowers. It all felt like a dream and a step back in time for me when I noticed a huge white tent (it was once white..perhaps a taupe tent. :) and a plank of wood stationed near by that said REVIVAL in uneven red letters. There were a few cars there and I've a mind to wander on over there to see if a tent revival today is the same as it was so many years ago when I was growing up. I'm glad I got lost. :)

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Sam Taggart We All Hear Voices. Sounds like a great place to be lost. sam
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Sherry Ammons McBroom Sounds beautiful! And, I'd sure love to attend a tent revival like the ones when I was growing up.
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Nancy Manos I remember those tent revivals.
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Jeanette Colvin That is something I so love about the South....the huge oaks forming a canopy across the road. In Mobile they were awesome with Spanish Moss hanging from the limbs. We even have them here but not quite as dramatic as I have seen elsewhere. What a pleasant detour for you, Judy.
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Delfina Herrera Hoxie Your day sounds like our yesterday riding through the Willamette Valley.
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Michelle Gilliam-Young Whenever my mom and Joe would take a wrong turn or get lost, they'd call it a mystery trip....never know what you'll discover....sounds like you had a neat mystery trip.
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Ann Mackenzie Malokas One of the joys of having a terrible sense of direction.
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Chelsea Kelter sounds beautiful
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Barbara Coffey Duncan Would have loved to taken pictures. Sounds like a beautiful step back in time.
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Judy McBroom Roney ‎Barbara Coffey Duncan, I wish I had my camera with me (this is where my daughter jumps in and says you DID, Mom. Your phone!). So, I wish I remembered my phone was a camera! I'll have to journey that way again..if I can find my way. :)
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Judy McBroom Roney My Goddaughter, Chelsea, how wonderful to see your name on my board. I miss you so much and I'm so sorry I was not there for you when your mom died. I was in a bad place, but that's no excuse. There is no excuse. It's hard to think that she is no longer here. Love you and think of you so much. Hope you are doing OK.
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Judy McBroom Roney Ann, you are SO right. There is joy in just about everything. :)
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Judy McBroom Roney What a great memory, Michelle. I have so many mystery trips even with my GPS. LOL
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Judy McBroom Roney Delfina, I did think of you and your trip. Not a motorcycle trip for me though..just my SUV hugging the road. LOL
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Judy McBroom Roney Jeanette, I do love the magnificent oaks shroaded in the moss. I take the moss for granted but that is the first thing people notice who are new to the area.
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Judy McBroom Roney ‎Nancy , those tent revivals and decoration day with dinner on the ground. :) Good memories, still.
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Judy McBroom Roney ‎Sherry I thought tent revivals were a southern thing. :) I know there were traveling tent revivals, too.
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Judy McBroom Roney ‎Sam , it was a wonderful place to be lost in. I'm going to try to get lost there again (with my camera!). :)
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Sherry Ammons McBroom Judy, I'm Free Will Baptist, and we use to have tent revivals all the time when I was a kid! Of course, you know that many people from the south came to Michigan for jobs, so that's probably where it came from To this day, most of the people in our church are from the south.
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Judy McBroom Roney Sherry, I was raised Free Will Baptist, too! My family also moved to MIchigan for a while to work for the motor companies! Some of our extended family stayed but we came back.

April 24 at 5:37pm via mobile · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Wow, Judy! So, you actually lived here for a while? What area?
April 24 at 5:59pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Belleville, near Detroit, Sherry.
April 24 at 6:58pm · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom I know where it is! Would love to get these McBroom's together to find out the connection in the family tree!
April 24 at 7:05pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney I have thought the same thing, Sherry. I think we are all related. :) Where did your family come from before they went to Michigan? My McBroom family is from Cookeville, TN.
April 24 at 7:16pm · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Don's family was from Double Springs near Cookeville. His grandfather was Simon Byrd McBroom.
April 24 at 7:22pm · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Oops, I mean Byrd Simon McBroom. LOL
April 24 at 7:24pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney We are related! My grandfather was Sid McBroom.
April 24 at 7:24pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Well, your husband and I are. :)
April 24 at 7:25pm · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Help me out. Who was Sid? Was he a brother to Byrd or what?
April 24 at 7:26pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney I think they are brothers, Sherry, but I don't trust my remembrances until I check with my geneology cousin, Bonnie McBroom Clinton. I'll get back to you on that. :)
April 24 at 7:29pm · Like.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Okay. I'm friends with Bonnie too. And we are headed to Cookeville next week to see other family there. Don's brother and sister live there (actually Algood) and his other sister lives in Baxter.
April 24 at 7:33pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney My grandfather, Sidney Carlisle, is from Baxter and I have family all around the Algood/Baxter area. The McBroom cemetary is in Baxter!
April 24 at 7:47pm · Like · 1.

Sherry Ammons McBroom Oh, I'm thinking you and Don are related for sure! And, I think we may have to make a trip to the cemetary while we are there.
April 24 at 8:07pm · Like.

Michelle Gilliam-Young Speaking of mystery trips.....I took a wrong turn today and ended up going a couple miles out of my way, in a direction I've never been. Oh how I wish I could say it was a trip like yours.....I was in a rough neighborhood, I saw no beauty, I just wanted OUT! LOL!
April 24 at 9:15pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Yes, Sherry, I'd say Don and I are definitely related. :) Love facebook! I'll let you know what I find out.
April 25 at 7:17am · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Oh, Michelle , those are the mystery trips I usually take. I only remember the good ones though. That's the rules. LOL I'll have to get my friend, Zellie's to tell you about the trip I took her on to the cemetary. We had planned to go shopping! That's the kind of trips I take. However, it sure does leave you with some good stories. LOL
April 25 at 7:20am · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney ‎Sherry , Seems like your husband's grandfather and mine must have been cousins, not brothers. They were all from the Baxter area and moved to Rocky Point. :)
April 25 at 7:48am · Like.

Jean Feinstein I hope you find it again. Sometimes it's nice to satisfy curiosity, especially in a beautiful surrouonding.
April 25 at 8:48am · Unlike · 1.

Judy McBroom Roney I'm Pretty sure I can find it again, Jean . All I have to do is go the opposite way than I think I should go. I often get around that way when I trust that my sense of direction is non-existent !
April 25 at 11:19am · Like.

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