Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 24, 2012 American Idol

Joshua Ledet rocks! Is there anything he can't sing. I think he's going to be the next American Idol. All six are stars now but Joshua is the stand out to me.

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Michelle Gilliam-Young Holly's my girl!
April 25 at 9:04pm · Like.

Stacy Allen Love him too!
April 25 at 9:07pm · Like.

Jink Willis i like!!
April 25 at 9:27pm · Like.

Jean Feinstein I'm watching as I type this and feel like you do. Each will make it but he deserves the win. The only thing that bothers me is reading articles that reduce his chances as so many men have won these past few years. That shouldn't matter, hopefully.
April 25 at 9:28pm · Like.

Barbara Estinson I didn't get to watch tonight, but I too think that Joshua is great! I hope he wins.
April 25 at 11:25pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney They are all so good at this point. I love Josh's consistency! Who's going tonight. I predict Holley ( sorry cuz) ..just my thoughts now. The other blonde is a good possibility as well. You can never tell.
April 26 at 9:54am · Like.

Michelle Gilliam-Young Nothing personal cuz, but I'm sooooo glad you were wrong on that one! :) Hollie's awesome!
April 26 at 9:33pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney LOL, Michelle. I do admit that I was glad she wasn't the one to leave because of you. :)
April 26 at 10:35pm via mobile · Like.

Jean Feinstein I think America made the right choice tonight. Now it's going to get much harder.
April 26 at 11:33pm · Like.

Lynne Heaps Nelsen I'm still wishing Colston was in the running....big mistake! Although I think my heart belongs to Joshua.
April 27 at 1:40am · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney ‎Lynne , I am still in shock over Colton. I thought he was the most popular to the group that does the voting. Thinking young girls. I know he's going to be a star though. Sometimes the ones that don't win at this stage become more powerful, popular singers than the winner.
April 27 at 7:32am · Like.

Mary L. Kling I liked Colton too. I was really shocked when he was eliminated.
April 27 at 8:19am · Unlike · 1.

Judy McBroom Roney One thing I dont get is Skyler. I trust that she has a beautiful voice because the experts say so but I here the nasal voice and just don't see it that way. I love country music , too!
April 27 at 9:22am · Like

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