Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 28, 2012 Coffee Shop

Bill and I went into Lakeland to check out the new coffee house, Black & Brew. Is that clever or what? :) It was a great coffee place and the atmosphere conducive to writing. Then I spotted rows of wine there! This is a coffee house with a kick. Life is definitely good. As luck would have it, we ran into a street festival and had a marvelous lake kind of day.

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Joe Hendricks I wanna go!
April 28 at 9:48pm · Unlike · 1.

Victoria Sullivan Hendricks Sounds like a lovely day for you and Bill. having adventures together as a couple is ssuch a delight.
April 29 at 12:15am · Unlike · 1.

Jeanette Colvin Black & Brew....a great name. Happy to read about your lovely day...sounds so nice and calm.
April 29 at 6:57am · Unlike · 1.

Shary Page Weckwerth Aww, my friend was there from LaBelle - she said the festival was terrific and had asked me to go = sorry I didn't - glad you had a good time.
April 29 at 7:31am · Unlike · 1.

Judy McBroom Roney Shary, the festival was wonderful. I thought it was all antiques and I was disappointed going in but thought it would be a wonderful stroll. They had so many cool things and the prices in most cases were great. They are having another art fair mother's day weekend. I think it's Mayfaire. I might ask my daughter to take me to that or all of us go. It's so pretty there right now on the lakes.
April 29 at 8:02am · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Joe, come on down! You and Heidi deserve a vacation!!! Not much in the way of hiking I'm afraid, unless you want to hike the beaches. Not much different than where you are; you just have to wear less clothing.:)
April 29 at 8:04am · Like

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