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April 27, 2012 Plant City Writers Group

Second Plant City Writers group last night. I was worried of many people would show, etc. We were a group of five and it went very well. Of course, it helps if you have Florida Writers Association's regional director there to field questions and give information. Thanks, Eugene!

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Chhimi Delkar Thanks to god,at least it went well...:)
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Victoria Sullivan Hendricks Good for you Judy, making the consistent effort to spread the joy of writing and connect with other writers.
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Peggy Goetz Good going Judy!
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R Steven Heaps And did you tell them about that famous book, "The Rancid Walnut: An Ultrarunning Psychologist's Journey With Prostate Cancer?" (I am absolutely shameless about promotion. I feel like an AMWAY salesman.)
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Judy McBroom Roney No, not yet, Steve. I can't wait to read it! Haven't received it yet. Next meeting is at my house and I will have my friends books (and mine, too!) for show and tell.;) Do you do guest appearances.:)
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Judy McBroom Roney The joy of writing and, OK, the agony, too, of writing, Victoria. Mostly the connection that is important to me.
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R Steven Heaps Judy. Your book was mailed about 4-5 days ago, so should get there soon. Now that you mention it, it was only about 3 weeks ago that it dawned on me to suggest my book for book clubs. It's a good thing that you folks have organizations to support each other. Writing is hard work.
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John Miller Glad that you continue to pursue your dream of writing
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Judy McBroom Roney Steve,received your book and haven't put it down! I expected a humorous bent on prostate cancer (because of the name and cover) and I was interested in how you could achieve that perspective. You have blown me away with your writing style and most of all with content. I haven't had to face cancer myself but I relate because my husband had bladder cancer and so many loved ones have been affected by this scourge. What surprised me greatly is how helpful and enlightening your book is to my every day life even if I had never known anyone with cancer.( impossible I realize) I will be rereading and going back to reread all the pages I have marked and will definitely hand it over to my husband. I am so impressed with you and what you have accomplished in your life. I have loved your sister for many years as one of my dearest friends. I have enjoyed getting to know her brother and sister-in-law so well through your writing.
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R Steven Heaps Wow. Thanks, Judy. I should take you with me to the book signing/selling at the Bloomsday Run Trade Show today! Maybe we'll meet some day.
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Judy McBroom Roney Good luck on the signing, Steve. Wish I could be there!
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Jk Irwin Judy it really was a interesting meeting. I learned a lot and am so impressed by the talent within these gifted people. Learned a lot from Eugene he is a master of his work. Jeanie
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Judy McBroom Roney Nice to see your words here, Jeanie. I'm already enjoying the people we are meeing and I think we are a great group already. I had a school teacher and the librarian of a school near by call me; they are interested and will be at the next meeting. I don't think we need to advertise any longer. We can inspire and learn from each other.
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