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April 29, 2012 Sophia Bird

Jeni & Tom are back from Vegas where they celebrated their third wedding anniversary. I am glad they are back for many reasons but the main one is that we were in charge of a precious cargo. Not Livi, their dog, who was staying with someone. Not to sit the house; they have a good security system. It was to watch the sparrow (I think that's what it is) that Jeni named Sophia and make sure Sophia...See More

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Jackie Fochtman I understand the pressure, Judy!! How cute it is though that Jeni and Tom have adopted a sparrow and her eggs! :) On spring break I pet sat for my kids--a dog, cat, and 3 fish. The cat-- is an indoor cat--she is NEVER to go out--and I spent half my time there trying to find her making sure she was in the house--and she has many hiding places! I know just how you felt!!
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Delfina Herrera Hoxie Do they know that they or their brood will want to nest there every year?
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Judy McBroom Roney No I did not know that Delfina and I'm sure they don't. I have a feeling they wouldn't mind it at all. :) Jeni had trip anxiety because she was afraid that Sophia wouldn't be taken care of. :)
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Judy McBroom Roney Jackie, I thought about how it would be babysitting my grandchildren if I was so anxious about this bird! My grandchildren live in Tennessee so I haven't babysat for them, but I can imagine. I know the joy would outweigh any fear though.
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Jackie Fochtman I have always had a fear of anything happening to my grandchildren on my watch--consequently I tend to "hover!" :) My 11 year old grandson recently told me "relax, Grammi!" lol I am much more cautious with the grands than I was with my own children! :)
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