Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 25, 2012 Car Trouble

I spent yesterday morning having my car checked and the oil changed. This morning I have a huge pool of oil under my car so something went wrong. I face another day at the dealership and I have so many other things I need to be doing. Not fun.

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Shary Page Weckwerth Oops somebody forgot to tighten the plug!
April 26 at 7:25am · Like.

Barb McBroom Norbie I hate days like that...:(
April 26 at 8:16am · Like.

Brittanie Dycus ‎:( Sorry mimi!
April 26 at 8:41am · Like.

Jink Willis Oophs! That happened to me but I got on the freeway and burned the engine out. sometimes they don't tighten the caps or leave one off. Better on the garage floor than on the side of the road, though they did replace my transmission with newer.
April 26 at 8:58am · Like.

Ann Wilkes Coffey Diller That has happened to me too!!!! GRRRRR
April 26 at 9:02am · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney I am feeling very fortunate, Jink. I would not have noticed probably but Bill saw the oil spill in the garage and I went back home.
April 26 at 9:46am · Like · 1.

Jink Willis Glad your hubbie takes good care!
April 26 at 9:47am · Like · 1.

Judy McBroom Roney Good news: The mechanic came out to our house and fixed, I can get on with my life. I thought we'd have to still take it in but it was something simple to fix like some of you thought! Whew
April 26 at 9:48am · Like · 2.

Brittanie Dycus Papa saved the day! lol!
April 26 at 9:54am · Like.

Delfina Herrera Hoxie They probably didn't tighten the seal.
April 26 at 12:44pm · Like.

Patricia Mcbroom I know better but service car then hit highway. I have been lucky but went to lynchburg in kim's first car she drove down I let Kenneth drive back. The automatic transmission plug wasn't tighten so when leaked onto motor car filled up with smoke
April 26 at 1:34pm via mobile · Like.

Ann Mackenzie Malokas These little annoyances can turn into huge waste of time hours...which make them more annoying.
April 26 at 1:44pm · Like.

Patricia Mcbroom Thomas and I jumped out on passenger side and fell off into a deep ditch. Kim is yelling at Kenneth for ruining her new car we were in middle of Tim Ford park pitch dark. Thomas had gotten all the ninja junk for Xmas he was wanting to get his sword out of burning car. The park police heard all the yelling thought someone had stolen a car and setting it on fire. If they had not known my cousin I would have gone to jail for having thomas's Xmas within arms reach in a car. My cousin came tightened the cap and Kim drove home.
April 26 at 1:44pm via mobile · Unlike · 2.

Judy McBroom Roney That is hilarious, Pat! I KNOW it wasn't then, though. What an adventure!
April 26 at 3:41pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Don't you know it, Ann ! It's the time it took that shook me. Trying to get reading for my writing group tonight and I was crazed!
April 26 at 3:42pm · Like.

Judy McBroom Roney Yes, Britt! I married Mighty Mouse! :)
April 26 at 3:43pm · Like.

Brittanie Dycus Aww gotta love him. with his red cape and all. lol!
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I too found the girl of my dreams.