Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dress Up

© Peggy Goetz: Three Mayan Women, Guatemala

You dress in finery fit for the princess of joy.
Vibrant colors grab the eyes of every passer-by,
they can’t help but smile for the beauty of you.

Your presentation brings happiness to those around you
when you wear the colors of a blazing sunset
dnd the most brilliant rose bouquet. I imagine

who you are, you with handwoven hat
and sun drenched skin. I think I know
until you turn and your eyes meet mine.


Mary said...

I enjoyed this, Judy. And so true that there may be a lot of sorrow beneath this finery; but then again it might be the case that such finery brings true joy. One just can't 'judge a book by its cover.'

Peggy said...

Neat poem Judy. And thank you so much for responding to my photo prompts. I really did think there was more underneath from this woman's eyes. (And she is the one I did the painting of)
(Oh dear I keep getting the words wrong when I have to type them to post. Hope it gets through this time)

Hannah said...

I love how you contrast the joyful colors and the sorrowful look in her eyes that you discover in the end. Such a great take on this photo, Judy! :)

Mary Mansfield said...

Beautifully captured, love the contrast between the joyful clothes and sorrowful eyes.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Wow! That third stanza just grasps everything that this picture is about. It gave me chills. Wonderful work. Thank you for participating in the RT Sunday Challenge.

Grace said...

I love how you capture the finery of the women with sun drenched skin. And that last line is beautiful ~

Mystic_Mom said...

You close this with a touch of reality that makes the dreamy imaginings of the previous lines all the more dramatic. How often do we imagine what someone will be like and have that change when we see their eyes? Very good!

Mama Zen said...

I really like this!

Mary Ann Potter said...

Beautiful response to this prompt! The photograph is so evocative, and your poem makes it even more so!

ammi roy said...
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