Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bill Roney!

Although we won’t be celebrating Bill’s birthday until the 16th when everyone is coming over, I want to say Happy Birthday to my husband who is sixty-one today and looking good! I will tell you what I got him after the 16th because it must remain a surprise until then. I am so blessed to have this man in my life for many of those sixty-one years. I know some day I may take him for granted but, not yet.

Happy Birthday, Billy.

Sixty-one years ago you were born
(thank you, Mother, for this gift!)
I’ve spent almost 40 of them with you
I wish I’d known you the first 20, too
and look forward to the next 40 (making sure here)

I kiss you good morning each day
you’re the one I kiss goodnight
You are in my thoughts each day
from morning till night and ninety-
nine percent of the time, I still smile.

Happy Birthday, Billy
“You did good” with the years you
have been given, you take care of
yourself so I don’t have to worry
your love of life is contagious.

You are the love of my life
and though I’ve never been with
a sixty-one year old man until
today, I think I like it, I like it a lot!

Judy Roney

I love you!!! I hope that you will have a great day and an even better one when we celebrate YOU on the 16th. J


SeaStar said...

He does look great Judy - your Bill, your love. Happy birthday, Bill. having seen the two of you together I feel especially connected to your love and the joy in life you share and build on - here's more to both of you.

Peggy said...

Happy Birthday to Bill! You are both blessed to have each other.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Bill. Enjoy your birthday today and also your special celebration on the 16th!

(Nice photos and poem!)

Bill said...

I believe that one has to enjoy the journey if he is searching for happiness. Its a fun journey with you Judy Roney.