Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dentists and PAD 13(Poem A Day #13)

I had a friend tell me she didn't think she would visit my site often because of the subject matter, "Loss and/or Grief". Just a reminder that I am just writing poetry on this subject for the Poem A Day and after November I won't. We have to have a theme and that is my theme for this month's writing. I want to have something, a chapbook or poetry book or maybe non-fiction novel on Brian and the grief process eventually. This is my way to that goal. I know its not everyone's cup of tea and I sure wish it weren't mine, is what it is.
I went to the dentist yesterday and I'm still reeling from the quote he gave me on fixing me up good as new. The guys a real joker! I know I have a few problems, what sent me there was a cracked bridge. After he held me captive with explanations on what I needed done, he said for $25,000 he could fix me up better than new. HA!I will be going to a new dentist next month. All of a sudden my teeth are looking very good to me.
I have had two implants come out. He said its because I must grind my teeth at night and my bite is off. Bill used to tell me when he got married again the first thing he would do is check her teeth. Well, I understand completely. I am ready to get dentures. Its looking more and more like a good idea actually and Bill is running that campaign for me. LOL
Bill had his physical today and came out with A-1 good health. Mine comes later in the month and I'm hoping for a good report card, too. I also hope to get something better for my arthritis. I guess I'm officially old, talking about my ailments here.
Wishing you all good health.
Hugs, Judy


Experts say wait one year
make no major decisions
no moves or changes.

We wait impatiently
for one year, two weeks
three days, four hours.

Then we make our move
search real estate ads
call agents and canvas.

The need to get out, get
away predominates, run
leave the memories behind.

That first day, the first call
net results, we’ll take it
a condo on the water.

We had seven hundred thirty
days to regret it before we could
sell and move two blocks from home.

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Mary said...

Judy, I am sorry you received such bad news at the dentist. That is certainly a lot of money. I do hope you find a different dentist who won't charge so much to fix you up good as new!

As for your poetry, I am glad you are writing poems on your theme, as I know you eventually want to have a book of Loss/Grief poems, and it only makes sense to use this month to accomplish writing as much to your theme as possible.

Your "Wait" poem gave me pause. I remember when you moved away because you thought you must; and also when you returned back to the area you were meant to be. Everyone has to find their way, I think....and you are finding yours.