Saturday, November 8, 2008

In Praise of Loss

This one was so tough. The prompt is to write a poem in praise of our theme (mine is loss or grief). Not much I could think of to praise about this one, made me want to change my theme. Also made me know I'm still very angry so I wrote from that.

In Praise of Loss

You allow me to treasure
who I have and what I have
where I am in life ,what
I want my family and friends
to know.. today.

I believed that you would
destroy me, that no one could
live with the magnitude of loss
but I learned how strong I am, how
you are part of life but you can’t
control me. You and the grief you
bring only make me stronger.


Mary said...

Good poem, Judy. It makes me think. I don't wish anyone loss, but you have shown the power loss has sometime. I think there is a saying something like "What doesn't kill me will make me stronger."

You definitely ARE a strong person.

SeaStar said...

Judy, when I read the prompt for writing a praise poem, I was glad my theme for the month wasn't loss - you really took a hard mission on here - and this poem is evidnce of your heroism - in Joseph Campbell's use of the word - dancing with the dragon and bringing the gift back to the rest of us.

I don't have a poem about my own gifts from loss - loss of husband - but it seems only fair to at least list a few. You showed yours so I'll show mine.

Gifts of loss -
awarenss of my vulnerability.
increased ability to receive support.
increased appreciation of every moment.
reduced fear of loss - it happens, I am not destroyed.
an increasingly outward focus - making more of an impact on the world, not just happily living my little life.

Judy said...

Seastar - These are wonderful gifts as well, from something so tragic. I am inspired by your list to think of more gifts I receieved from loss.
The huge one that comes to mind is it taught me not to be so fearful. Once the worst has happened, it doesn't seem like much could hurt you like that again and every other fear pales in comparison. This turns out to be an interesting prompt and I sure did hate it when I read what it was. I've enjoyed Mary and your thoughts on this subject. Thanks