Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Election Day 2008

Hoorah! It’s here, finally. I will be glad when all is tallied and our new president is decided. It is both an humbling experience and one of exhilaration to walk into the polling station and cast my vote. I feel a part of something so huge it transcends just about anything else I can do. It was nice seeing all the people at the polls and all the enthusiasm for their candidate. I will trust this process now and get behind the President (whoever he is) and look forward. I have done my part.

Bill and I worked out at the Y after we voted and then met Wayne, my brother, at I-Hop for breakfast and it was nice catching up. Wayne is in the car business like Bill so they always have plenty to talk about but I get plenty of my words in as well, as you can imagine. My sister in law, Wayne’s wife, is so excited about her Mom and Sister’s arrival here this month from Venezuela. They will arrive on the 11th and stay for one month. Yemelis has not seen her mother and sister for seven years so this will be a good homecoming for them. Gisela and Bettina speak no English so this should be interesting.

We have so many things going on. Bill’s birthday is the 10th, Yamelis’ mom and sister arrives the 11th, my brother (Mike and his girlfriend, June) moved into their new home, Mike(our nephew) moved to Lakeland recently, and Jeni and Tom are engaged and have set a month for their wedding (April). So, we are all (I hope) going to get together on the 16th here for a BBQ and celebrate them and everything that is good.


Mary said...

I am glad that the election is over, that I voted, that you voted...yes, as you said, you have done your part.

Good for you for continuing to work out at the Y. I intended to go yesterday, but never got there. How fun that you went to I-Hop. I wonder if you had their seasonal pumpkin pancakes.

Happy birthday in advance to Bill! And congratulations / best wishes to Jeni and Tom!

I enjoy reading your blog!

Darrell said...

Judy, Judy, Judy: I too am so glad that the election is over. Two years of campaigning is way too much. I am hoping for a new chapter in our history.

In regards to you and Bill working out at the Y: I have the utmost respect for you that you, like myself, have a great respect for IHOP.

Happy Birthday Bill! May you have the gift of enhanced hearing!

Judy, I love what you're doing here. If it weren't for having four young children, I could see myself doing the same thing. I love to write. Your writing is beautiful, so I will live vicariously through you for now.

I would like to use your blog as a springboard here, for a moment, if I may. We have a major crisis in our little family here in Oklahoma City. For those of you who are pet lovers, read on. If you are not in that category, please move on to something else now. Judy, your poem about grief motivated me to post this here. It's real life, and it is family. Not fun, but, real. Our precious dog, Junior, is heading into his twilight.

Junior is only here because, 16 years ago, our wonderful golden retriever, Zeke, wanted so badly to mate with our best friend's Australian Shepherd. And we allowed it, because the idea of his offspring living on beyond his life span, seemed so appealing at the time. Nowadays, we say SPAY AND NEUTER!!!!There are too many unwanted pets, and we go to the shelter to rescue pets now. But back then, it seemed so cool , and it was. His Dad, Zeke, was probably the best dog I ever had in my life. Zeke died in 2000. And now, it is Junior's time to go. ALL of our children have had this wonderful boy in their lives since the day they entered this world. And they all know that this is "it". He has quit eating, he can barely walk, we have to carry him outside to do his business. He is barely drinking water.

We try to use these times to teach the "circle of life" . We have 3 other young, healthy dogs. The children need to know that dogs (all pets for that matter) don't stay healthy forever. But it still sucks. We are so sad for ourselves, but moreso for our kids. We have set Friday as the deadline. If he doesn't pass on his own by Friday, we will take him to our vet for euthanasia. Believe me, we are hoping he will die in his sleep. Over the years, we have taken many pets in for "the shot", and it is awful. But we feel comfort in knowing that we are there with them as they pass.

So, whoever you are, whether you are a praying person, or a thinking person, keep our little family in your thoughts and/or prayers these next couple of days. We'll pull through, but it just makes the kids so damned sad. I do feel confident about this though-- we have taught them that it is SO MUCH BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST, THAN TO NEVER HAVE LOVED AT ALL.

Thanks for listening...


Peggy said...

Yes it is over and it is in my opinion a new day for America is so many ways. I am so excited to have seen this election in my lifetime and wish my mother could have been here for it. So many ceilings broken.

Happy Birthday to Bill and glad to hear you have so many happy family times on the docket. April for Jeni and Tom!!

Judy said...

Darrell, You and your family have had so much pain lately with the death of your beloved Mom and now (as I know now) the death of your precious Zeke. I'm so sorry for your losses and just want to tell you that you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts through this difficult time. Now Zeke is on the Rainbow Bridge. I love that poem.
Oh, and, by the way, you ARE a writer and a wonderful one. When you have time I will be expecting that first novel on the bookshelves. :) I hope that you are saving all your correspondence, emails, and writings. They will be priceless to you and your children. Love and hugs, Judy

SeaStar said...

Blogs are so cool - like living in a neighborhood where I can drop in at a friend's house and find someone I don't know sitting at te table sharing from the heart. That's how I feel about meeting your here Darrel - with your four little children learning about the circle of life, your stories to write, your sorrow for your beloved pet. Peace to you and yours. and thank you Judy for opening up this blog - this place for new connections as well as the continuatin of familiar connections. (Darrel, I'm Victoria, from Texas, a writer friend of judy's.)