Saturday, November 8, 2008

Writing about a Myth about my subject..that you get over a loved one's death.

Get Over It

You have to get over this
let go
I’m told
but I will never let go
of my son
love only grows
after death

memories sustain
as I adapt
to a new relationship
beyond the grave
incorporate his death
into my life
adapt to the loss
learn to love life again
find joy
establish new traditions
move on
to a new existence

but get over this
not in my lifetime.


Mary said...

Judy, this is such a strong and poweful poem expoing the myth that people can really get over their losses. I hope you will get your collection together. you have so much valuable writing......

Peggy said...

So very true! Your work reads so well.

SeaStar said...

Yep - well said - I hate that "you'll get over it." myth - right up there with "later you'll see that it was for the best."