Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 10, 2008

Cassandra (President of Garden Club), Toshi, and me.

Today I went to check out the Plant City Garden Club. I had met Toshi and several of the women at the luncheon the other day (charity event for the hospital) and she said she would sponsor me so I went to check it out. I told them that I don’t garden and I don’t dig in the dirt but if there was anything else they needed me for, I’d be happy to do it. LOL Mom would get a kick out of me joining a garden club. Mom has such a green thumb and she would get a good laugh at ME joining. Anyway, they invited me back so I may go one more time. They do a lot of good work in the community, too but I don’t know if I could get past the part where I don’t garden, even if they could. LOL I learned things about flowers and gardening while there today so that would be one thing that would be fun. I would also like the design aspect of their club. They are having a flower show in Feb and were discussing the themes, etc, and it was fun helping decide how to design a Mardi Gras theme.
I don’t know if I could fit anymore volunteer work in right now but who knows. Toshi is such a hoot to be around that it might be worth it just to here her jokes! LOL
Tonight I took Bill out to eat at Mi Casa for his birthday. We will celebrate on the 16th but I wanted to do something on the actual day as well. His sisters had sent him cards so he read them and mine and we had a nice dinner. I took my camera to the Garden Club but forgot it when we went to dinner. I’m thinking more about photos now of things I will write about on my blog. These things are addicting!


Mary said...

I just love how you are going about finding your niche in your community. I have a friend who belongs to a 'garden club,' but it was by invitation only and one had to have a beautiful garden and very green thumb. (She does!) It is all about gardening and nothing about volunteering in the community, as far as I can figure..and is not very large, but is intense.

It sounds like this club has some interesting things going on I could see you being involved in designing the Mardi Gras theme, etc. even if you don't want to dig in dirt.

I do agree blogs can be addicting. Enjoy.

Peggy said...

How fun, Judy. I am amazed you would visit the garden club if you don't like to garden! You are such a people person, though, I can see you would be a joy in such a group even though you don't dig in the dirt!

Very fun to see all your photos. You are looking good, woman!

SeaStar said...

Fun to see you in your context Judy - and Happy birthday to Bill - again. Hope dinner was great.