Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Nov 22, 2008

Today was just beautiful weather-wise. Blue skies, cool weather, sun shine and the beauty of autumn full-blown (Florida style).
We started the day having coffee here and then breakfast at Bob Evans (Bill’s favorite place). We split up then to pursue our day. Linen’s and Things is going out of business so I headed there and Bill headed to the car lot.
This afternoon I picked Hanna up(I am in the Big Brother/Big Sister program and Hanna has been my little sister for two years now. ) and we came back to the house to work on her projects. I am teaching her to knit and she’s going to try to get a painting done of a butterfly. We keep talking about it but so many other things get in the way. Tonight we cooked dinner for Michael, my nephew, who came over to help Bill set up his Wii, and Bill and us. They just got it working a few minutes ago after I took Hanna home so Hanna was disappointed she didn’t get to see it. Next time. She and I made chili, grill cheese and cookies for dessert. Not a bad meal for a cold Saturday night and she’s learning to cook.

Here's Michael showing Bill how to do the balance exercises. This Wii should be a lot of fun, or it was until I went up and stepped on the scale myself! Geez!! After the Wii assessed me, my likeness all of a sudden took on this rotund appearance that was shocking! I don't think I'll play any more and that should take care of that!


Mary said...

Oh, Judy, Bill & you WILL enjoy Wii Fit, I know. I love the exercises such as Soccer Ball Head Hit (my favorite, I think), Boxing, Hula Hoop, tightrope, etc.

You should do a little Mii for Hanna too. We've made one for Isaac too. He enjoys seeing a little person that looks like him. His favorite exercise is the balance one where he has to get the little balls through the holes.

How nice that you are working with Hanna on painting and helping her learn to cook. She will remember forever the lessons you are teaching her.

Sue said... glad you started a blog and are sharing it with me. Thanks.

Peggy said...

Oh Judy I didn't know the Wii made an image shaped like the user--that I would NOT like! Can't you tell it to be the self you WANT to be!? Sounds like a design flaw to me!

What a wonderful day you gave Hanna. I so enjoy this daily life blog of yours.

Victoria said...

eso good getting this glimpse into your life - especially seeing you with Hanna - so glad you are teaching her about creativity and to cook

Judy said...

You are right, Mary, Bill is enjoying the Wii. I hear it going up stairs and he'll be playing some game. I think its a good thing and after the holidays I will check it out more thoroughly. That Fit seems to be a great program from what I can tell, despite the fact that they have me as a chubo. Hate when that happens. LOL I do look forward to Hanna making her image there.
Bill is laughing at his computer right now because he's reading your response, Peggy..making a figure that I WANT to become instead of the one I am. LOL

Mary said...

Judy, the Wii Fit system decides what your size will be. If you are a skinny person in real life, you will have a skinny Mii. If you are average, your Mii will be average. If you are overweight or obese (as the Wii Fit will even announce when it weighs) your Mii will reflect that. You cannot change the size of your Mii unless you gain or lose weight. The system definitely keeps a person honest. LOL. No hiding from one's Mii!