Monday, November 17, 2008


Not sure how to do the photos in a blog but here's my try:
Tom & Jeni's Engagement , Bill's Birthday
Mike & June's new home & Michael's apartment,
Bettina & Gabriella vist from Venezuela, Wayne with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Yamelis showing her mom and sister around in the golf cart, getting attached to Lexi dawg, and feeling full and half dozing on the couch while watching the Bucs.

We had such a great celebration of life Sunday. So much to celebrate. Bill’s birthday, Jeni and Tom’s engagement, Yamelis’ Mom and sister here from Venezuela, Michael’s new apartment, Mike and June’s new home, and life is good.
We had a bon-fire outside because the weather turned a bit chilly, perfect weather! The Bucs played at 1p.m. and won and we had the set on and watched bits and pieces of that win, along with the Titans game afterwards and that undefeated team remained undefeated. Michael is a staunch supporter of the Titans so we were really glad they won as well.
I gave Bill a Wii and Michael will return sometime this week to help him set it up. Michael and his Dad and June have one as well so they are all old hats at this. I got him the Fit and some games like golf and football to play. I’m not sure he will play but he might with Michael and I’ve heard such good things about the Wii from friends that have the set. I hope it will turn out to be a good thing and that Bill enjoy it. He also got Harley garb and some shirts, gift certificate to B&N and other things from family - so he had a wonderful (second this year LOL) birthday.
We tried a new bakery that had the prettiest, most unusual cakes and they turned out to taste really good too so we were really pleased with that. Then the catering..OMG…so much food and the quality was deliciously wonderful. We had ribs, chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, carrot cake and corn on the cob. Wayne & Yamelis brought a Snickers Cheesecake and we had appetizers beforehand. I had worried about quantity as well because of past catered experiences, but we ate two meals, lunch and dinner and then we sent some home with everyone to have yet another meal! We have already signed the catering company up for Thanksgiving. LOL I’m used to cooking Thanksgiving dinner and perhaps this will not work out because I like the process of cooking but with my bum knees right now, not having to stand all day will be a good thing. I will have to let Wayne and Yamelis know that they won’t have to bring the ham and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving..but, man, Wayne’s sweet potatoes are something I look forward to all year and Yamelis’ Flan is something we all look forward to so maybe we will cook some and cater some. LOL
It was great seeing everyone here and celebrating.
Oh, we opened the champagne and drank toasts to everything imaginable, starting with birthdays, engagements, new homes, visitors from foreign lands and ending with celebration for food, and the bon fire, and family, and friends, and Gabriella and Bettina (Yamelis’ family) would say something in Spanish that no one but Yamelis understood and we’d drink a toast to that as well. Yep, life was good. We missed Guillermo who is in the Army but he will be back home for Christmas before he goes back for more school. He will be going to Ft. Bragg. We sat his photo out on the counter and he was with us whether he knew it or not. :)
Just one sadness, and that is that Jeni and Tom are grieving the death of their beloved pet, Archie, and that was so sad to see the pain, though they hid it well. It was good that we could bring some celebrations in though at this time for them. {{{{Jeni & Tom}}}}


SeaStar said...

Souds and looks like a great celebratory day. My favorite is the basketball shooting shot. And I am glad Tom and Jeni could participate even while grieving Archie.

Ann said...

A celebration of life, for sure, Judy. Many perfect moments!

Mary said...

What a wonderful celebration of so many things, Judy. So much to be happy for. I am sure Bill (and you) will enjoy your Wii. Nice that you had champagne to make the many toasts!

Kathy said...

Hi, I enjoy clicking on the blogs of people who have the same profile likes as I had in common with me...Christmas music. Enjoy the season ! Kathy

Diane T said...

What a great celebration weekend, and I really enjoyed the photo's! I'm sure Bill is going to like his Wii... and you will have fun creating your Mii's...Never heard of anyone having Thanksgiving catered, but what a great idea. That way, you get some leftovers and don't have to do the work, lol. Thanks for posting!

Peggy said...

What a lot of celebrating! And so many cakes all at one time--your family really does do big food celebrations! And you did really well putting your photos on the blog!