Sunday, December 7, 2008


Charlie Daniels Charliepaloosa

We had an unexpected surprise from our future son-in-law. Tom called us with the news that he had a hotel room for us at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa where Charlie Daniel’s would be. We would have VIP tickets to events and the concert. We went not knowing exactly what it was but hey, if it’s free it’s for me especially if I can be a VIP. Well, it was really something. The hotel (actually casino) we had been to before, but hadn’t stayed. The room was wonderful..all the extras. Such modern decor and the beds were unbelieveable. Like sinking into feather beds! The hotel was dressed up royally for Christmas. Bill and I aren’t much at the gambling aspect but we both put in $20 to throw away. LOL Bill went home with $16 of his $20 but I gave mine all away to the hungry machines.
We went to the hospitality suite where we found dinner, steaks, chicken and every kind of food imaginable …FREE! OMG Drinks, desserts, candy bars, fruit..OMG FREE LOL
When we got to the concert we found out that it wasn’t just Charlie that was there. Confession: we have never been Charlie fans but also on the headliners were The Marshall Tucker Band, Confederate Railroad, and (drum roll here) Bo Bice (American Idol). Every one was really good but we were waiting for Bo Bice. We are American Idol fans, can you tell? He finally came on stage and we were shocked. He’s a little tiny guy…thin and short. I wouldn’t have recognized him in the hotel or anywhere I met him because I wouldn’t have expected him to be so slight plus he wore the strangest looking straw hat and also big sunglasses. It was good to see him though.
Strange thing is that we never saw Charlie Daniels. This concert went on for hours and we tried to wait it out but I went back up to the room finally and Bill stayed. He was going to report back about Charlie but he finally gave up, too. Charlie came on long after the concert was supposed to be over. Fans said you never really know when Charlie Daniels will show up. We figured he’d be the very last act, but then the much anticipated Florida-Alabama game came on.
We opted to see Tim Tebow over Charlie Daniels. LOL And what a game it was. It sure had us on the edge of our seats for most of the game but Florida beat the undefeated Alabama team. Hooray!
It was a great day all around, starting with that phone call from Tom. Wow, what a guy! Back to the real world again today and trying to get caught up. Our day of being VIP's is over. sigh


Janet said...

Hi Judy,

My one big comment.....we are avid Alabama fans and have been since we moved there in 1988! Boo Hoo Hoo! I am happy for you and sad for us...especially DH and his Alabama fans. But, being good sports, we wish the Gators continued success!

Anonymous said...

Huge Bo Bice fan checking in!!! Bo did dress goofy for this show, didn't he? Oh well... great performer and love his music!!! Thanks for posting the information :)

Judy said...

Oh, Janet. I was trying to think if there were any friends that were Alabama fans and couldn't think of any. I was thinking of you as a Gator. My bad. LOL Thanks for the good sportsmanship. I'll try to return the favor when Alabama beats us. :) It was such a good game though. I didn't think Florida would win because Alabama was unstoppable. I always feel so bad for the team that looses but with a season like Alabamas, my goodness, they can't feel too bad too long about one loss.
Anonymous (Willow?) I was a fan, too, and still am but he didn't look good or sound to good for this event. I was surprised but everyone, even stars, can't be up all the time. It was great just seeing him in person. It took the first five minutes for me to feel like it was really him.

Victoria said...

Fun that Tom gave you and Bill this treat and that you had so much fun with it. Fancy rooms all done up for the holidays are always spirit lifting for me - sparkly, sparkly - and glad your team won. Now beat Oklahoma! Of course if Texas were in the National Championship game - as we almost were - my vote would be very different.

Darrell said...

Victoria said, "Now beat Oklahoma". And all of us Okies know that you really must believe in miracles. Best of luck to you in your little fantasy. Ever heard of Sam Bradford? In the name of good sportsmanship, let me be the first to say, that you can all cry on our Okie shoulders, and we will wipe away your Gator tears. (Just in case the Sooners lose, delete this message, and forget I even said anything.) Love you, Judy.

P.S. Thanks for the comment about my gorgeous daughter. Those Jackson genes...

Peggy said...

I love following your blog Judy. What a fun surprise from Tom. Though I would not have known any of the performers I often enjoy live music. From your photo it looks like you were up pretty close.

Judy said...

Darrell, game on. It looks like the Gators and Sooners. That will be a great game (I hope). I have to find out what day now.

Peggy - we were VERY close to the performers. I saw Bo Bice in there but it was hard to see him in all his garb. This photo was actually taken on our way out though. The photos inside there were too dark.