Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Jeni's official birthday today so Bill and I called her with our rendition of Happy Birthday.
Today was party day for Hanna, my Little Sister. She must have called me ten times the last few days to talk. I could feel her excitement as Sunday arrived and she called me twice more before the 11:30 pick up time came. She said she was afraid I would forget what time it was. LOL
Josh, her brother, went with us because his Big Brother, who is in the Air Force at McDill, wasn’t able to go. It turned out to be an enjoyable day for all of us.
We picked them up too early (guess we got caught up in her excitementLOL) and so we drove a round to waste 20 minutes. We ended up taking them to the oldest cemetery in the county, with tombstones from the 1700’s. We told them whomever located the oldest headstone would be the winner. They began to read the headstones and got interested in some of the writings as they looked for the oldest. Josh would shout out that he found a World War II vet’s stone and read it to us. We found a lot of interesting history and Bill won the contest, finding a stone from 1800. We didn’t have time to look for the 1700’s. LOL
Onward to the American Legion Hall and the Vet’s there who host the party each year.
We had pizza and cookies for lunch and then they opened their gifts. Hanna got a $50 gift certificate from
Wal-Mart and Josh got a game to play on his computer. Then Santa came and handed out candy. Santa is a very good one. Natural beard and natural looks like the jolly old fellow. I appreciate what these Vet’s do each year for all these kids. They thanked us, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters for doing what we do and I wanted to say “Right Back Atcha”. I will get with Hanna next week when we wrap the gifts she chose for her family and we will write a Thank You card.


Victoria said...

Happy day such a joy you bring to Hanna. Happy birthday to Jeni.

Mary said...

Happy birthday to Jeni!

Your time with Hanna and her brother sounds very special. What a creative way you 'wasted' time...going and looking at old cemetery graves...before the party. It sounds like the kids really enjoyed that.

The Christmas party sounds fun. It is wonderful that the vets do this for the kids each year. And kudos to Bill and you for being involved with Hanna's life!