Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Begins

Christmas has already come to our house. Yesterday we took Michael, our nephew, out to dinner at Fred's Market in Lakeland, and then we came home. Bill and he were going to the car show in Plant City but we had a few gifts for him to open here. We are having a simplified Christmas this year. We have decided that everyone coming for Christmas would bring a $25 gift and we'd play a game and they would choose the gift they were going to take home. That would be the extent of Christmas, with the exception of Tom's nieces and nephews who will be here. What a load this will take off everyone as far as gift buying is concerned. It sure was a load off for us. However, since Michael is by himself this season, we wanted to get him something. The other exception this year is Wayne and Yamelis and Guillermo who we did exchange gifts each year since Yamelis came here about 4 years ago. This year we finally decided to only get each other only two gifts and then next year..nothing. (Sometimes you have to wean yourself from gift giving one step at a time! LOL)

So, we had our Christmas with Michael last night, then we will celebrate our Christmas with Wayne, Yamelis, and Guillermo Monday night. Tuesday night Jeni and Tom and we will exchange our gifts (lovingly held down to 2 gifts each this year..very hard to do. J). Then we will have Christmas Eve to cook and get ready for Christmas day. Woo-hoo. It's such a busy and exciting time of year.

Hearing from so many of my friends who are battling the dreary weather up north; trying to get to their families for the holidays, I feel very blessed this year to be in Florida this year. I just hope that it's not too hot! I hope for cold enough to run the fireplace but, honestly, more than a few times we have set the AC down to a colder temp so we could have our fire place. LOL


Ann said...

Your holiday sounds lovely, Judy and family. I'm on my way to make my first snow angel in a verrryyy long time!

Mary said...

I will be interested in hearing how it works with everyone coming on Christmas bringing a $25 gift works. And what kind of game you play that determines who gets one gift. Sounds like a creative idea to me.

It sounds like you are going to have many days celebrating Christmas ahead of the actual day.

I enjoyed the photos too! As one of those friends up north freezing to death, I am jealous of the short sleeves I see in the pictures. Sigh

Victoria said...

Holiday blessings to you and yours.

Peggy said...

Sounds wonderful Judy. Love to you all!

Judy said...

Mary, each person brings a gift (man brings man's gift, woman brings woman's.) Each person chooses a number from a basket (numbering how many people are there). Number 1 chooses a gift from the gifts in center of room, and unwraps. Number 2 can either choose to take number 1's gift from him/her or open another one from the center. If number 2 chooses number 1's gift, number 1 gets to go back to the gift pile and choose another. Its a fun game and can get lively with thefts of beloved gifts from numbers above you. LOL The best thing you can do is get the last number.

Mary said...

Thanks for your explanation, Judy. It does sound sort of like how things worked in the early days of the HCC gift exchanges....with people able to 'steal' a desirable gift got by someone else. Fun but frustrating if you lose something you had and really wanted to keep. LOL.