Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Re-connecting with Kay and Alan

Tom’s parents, actually it is his Mom and step-dad, met at La Septima for a good Cuban lunch today. It was so nice to see them again. They live in Sun City during the winter months but live in PA the rest of the year. They look great. I think they are getting younger rather than older. Bill and Alan went on to the car auction then and Kay and I visited a bit more before we left.
They are professional ball room dancers! They said they would teach us. I’ve always thought I’d like to learn. They are going on a cruise in June; they go on many cruises and teach dancing on board ship. What a gig that is, huh? Anyway, they are going in June to Amsterdam and Russia and a few other places and they asked us consider going with them. The cruise is two weeks! I don’t know if I could stand that. If we went, they would give us dance lessons each morning and each evening. I think that would be so neat to be able to dance. We went on the cruise from hell many years ago when Jeni and Brian were still at home. It was a nightmare, stormy seas, seasickness for just about everyone on board, no stops because of the storm. We were basically prisoners on board until the storm let up. sigh The storm never let up!
I went with a friend of mine a couple of years ago to Alaska on a cruise and that was different and even enjoyable. Of course we knew so many people on board because my friend was the head of a Red Hat group in New York. This was the red hat cruise and even the Queen Mother, Mary Ellen (herself) was on board. I felt sorry for anyone that wasn’t a red hatter on that trip because we really took over the ship! LOL Of course, my roommate, Zellies, was the funniest woman on earth I think and we laughed for seven days!
We had a good lunch and it was wonderful re-connecting with Kay and Alan who will soon be my daughter’s in-laws. I don’t know what that makes us (besides nothing) but they feel like family already to me.
The weather here is superb. A little too warm for complete happiness but I’ll take what I have. Nothing is perfect, but this is almost.


Peggy said...

Sounds like another great day. Professional ballroom dancers! What a surprise. Does Tom dance? Happy dancing!

Victoria said...

I love the way you are using your blog to connect all the different parts of your life - different social groups and also different time periods.Cool about Tom's parents being professional ballroom dancers. I think you and Bill would ake a beautiful dancing couple. I hope you do get the lessons.

Mary said...

It was fun to learn that Tom's mom and step-dad are professional ballroom dancers!

I'm sure that Bill and you could dance well together as well. I don't know that you'd need a cruise to accomplish that though. Just my opinion. LOL.