Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Bill and I went to the Y this morning and then had breakfast before he went to the car lot and I went home to cook and bake and get the house ready for Christmas. Whew, what a tiring day but I got everything on my list done and now, hopefully, I can relax with our family and friends tomorrow. Bill is putting on two turkeys, one fried and one on the grill early morning tomorrow. I am actually still baking cookies but am almost done with that as well.
Bill and I opened our gifts to each other tonight and it was special and really nice. He got me a watch and I got him clothes. Its hard after 38 years to think of gifts and I know a lot of people don't exchange gifts when they have been married a long time, but we like to have something to give each other.
I have thought often today of all the children who wait in anticipation of what tomorrow morning will bring. I am reminded of the joy this season brings.
Merry Christmas eve.


Mary said...

I am glad you had a very special Christmas Eve, opening presents from each other. I DO think it is nice that after many years you still find things to give each other!

Hope your day went well with family and friends on Christmas.

Victoria said...

I'm with you about continuing to give and receive gifts in a comitted coupleship after many years. I think Bob and I always will. It isn't always much, but it feels good. This year I gave hi some art - commissioned on the team turtle theme for his classroom and he gave me- at my request - an Ott light for my beading.

Judy said...

How is the Ott light working for your beading, Victoria? Bill got me one this year and the bulb is broken so I still have to wait and see if it works. I also got my mother one that also has a magnifiying glass so she can keep on her table and read the mail or whatever she needs to read. The ads sound wonderful but as of yet I'm still in the dark about actual use. Maybe that will be my project in the first week of 2009..find an Ott light bulb.