Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It felt like Christmas today.
I know a woman who was hurt badly in a freak accident. A Plant City sheriff was giving a demonstration to the Chamber of Commerce's group of business people. He was on a motorcyle showing how the radar is used. The Sheriff's deputy lost control of the motorcycle and hit the woman I know, Lynn, and cut all the tissue away from her leg from knee to ankle. She will be fine but the recouperation is going to be a long one. She just got home from the nursing home where she was getting rehab. She is walking a bit now and things are better but she needs help on her day to day living. A bunch of us volunteered(after she asked for help- and we are thankful she asked)to come by on certain days of the week to help out. My day was yesterday 12-2 and Fridays at the same time. I took her lunch and cleaned the house up and got all her things that she would need around her there.I felt like I had done something worthwhile to start off this day. The first thing good was to go to the Y to work out, the second to help Lynn.
Then at 5pm my Jeni and Tom came and we had sandwiches and celebrated our Christmas together. We had a wonderful evening. Jeni and Tom got us some thoughtful and creative gifts and I think they liked the ones we got them. Well, I know they did. It was wonderful having them to ourselves for a few hours this night. Everything is going so good for them now. Its a joy just to be around them.
My best gift was a photo of Tom and Jeni. I had been asking for a couple years now so I was really glad to finally hold one in my hands. Lexi was really interested in the gift opening and all the wrapping. Her t-shirt says "Go ahead and put me on the naughty list."
It was a wonderful day.


BelleWillow said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend's freak accident during the Sheriff's demonstration. You are always the good woman, there to help. That is the true Christmas spirit.

Your tree looks gorgeous, with little Lexi all dressed and assisting Bill. It is wonderful to see Jeni, she is so beautiful and Tom not only is handsome, but he looks like a nice person, and everyone looks happy. Happy Christmas.

Mary said...

I enjoyed reading about your time with Tom and Jeni and am happy to hear that you now have a picture of them that you wanted. Keep working out at the Y. I know that is where I will be heading today as well. Lexi, as usual, is beautiful. What a charmer!

Victoria said...

How freaky about your friend's accient - I'm glad she's recovering - but how freaky!

Judy said...

I will find out tomorrow how my friend is doing. I don't want to call her or be intrusive accept at my scheduled times to help out because I know she has help and doesn't need any more voices or faces around as she tries to recouperate from this. She teaches at a high school here and her students are a big help, coming by but I know she gets a lot of calls and visitors that tire her out.