Monday, December 1, 2008

True to form, I’m making an all out effort to get the tree up and house decorated for Christmas.
Bill and Michael got the tree up, lights lit, and garland on so the rest was up to me. Bill worked on the outside Sunday while I worked inside. Now that I have an indoor storage for Christmas items, I am delighted to actually see all that I have. We will be giving a lot to Good Will but there are things that I have not seen for years! When things were put up in the attic, some years some things came down, other years, other items but I doubt that I ever saw it all together like this and it’s been fun just seeing what I do have. Its also been melancholy as I had to relive each ornament and what was going on when we got it. sigh
Today, Monday, we are looking very festive indeed. I do have probably another month’s work sorting and deciding what stay and what goes. LOL (only kidding I hope)
Since Bill and I were married in 70 I’m realizing I am in possession of antiques (besides the obvious…Bill of course!). I have the first decorations that Bill and I had. Awwwww. I’m getting all sentimental again. LOL The things we had in 1970 are looking more than a little sad, yellow, and droopy. I guess we are all in this together, these ornament and me. I think I have a few years on them though ..that’s scary!
I wanted to show a photo of Lexi. Its almost time for Bill to get home from work and she has a built in clock. She wanted to watch me complete the tree decorations and take photos BUT..she just couldn’t. She had to keep an eye on the door in the hopes of hearing Bill drive up. She won’t leave her post until he arrives and its treat time. LOL Every day is Christmas for her when Bill gets home.


Mary said...

What a beautiful tree, Judy; and it made me smile when you wrote about Lexi with her built-in clock waiting for Bill to come home. I do look forward to seeing her in her Christmas attire!

Bill said...

Lexi waiting on me. Oh what pressure. LOL . Did I read that right ? You called me an antique ?

Peggy said...

LOL Bill, it's dangerous to read your wife's blog! Judy, I loved seeing your tree --such a big one and now ready to be the season center piece in your home. I laughed about seeing all your decorations at once--i am sure there are things in the corners of our attic I have forgotten existed. And I get out less and less holiday stuff each year. We will put up our tree next weekend I think. Happy holidays!

Victoria said...

Beautiful tree - and I connect with the nostalgia and melancholy from remembering what was happening when you got particular ornaments. I have similar feelings.