Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fred's BBQ

I don't know what the big deal is. I asked the waitress to take a photo of us at Fred's today and Bill and Wayne teased me the rest of the meal. They said, "Now we get it, every time we do anything you are going to want a photo because you are a blogger." Well, what could I say accept that having a photo enhances any blog post. I guess I'll have to stay a little more low key with the photos though. Bill doesn't know that I almost took my camera into the Y! LOL

After Bill and I went to work out at the YMCA (Yes, Virginia, I DO work out. This body of mine is neither cheap nor is it easy to get.LOL), we called Wayne to meet us for lunch. Any good we might have done at the gym was easily erased by this meal we had, no doubt.

We got a late start on our work out because Bill had to go to the Dr. for his yearly heart check up. They put him through a lot of "stuff" when he goes and he really surprised them because they couldn't get his heart rate up like they wanted to because he is so much more fit than he used to be. I walk a bit on a treadmill when we go but Bill keeps adding to his work out. Anyway, they will have the labs back by tomorrow but the Dr. said his heart looks good from what he can tell. There is no further damage or clogging. Woo-hoo. This was such good news. He is so proud of him and so am I. I don't think Bill Roney will die from a heart attack. They are keeping too good a watch over him there. He'll have to just die of old age. LOL

Wayne's company (Yamelis' Mom and sister) left on Tuesday and he and Yamelis have a fairly empty house until Guillermo gets home for the holidays on Dec 20. Wayne seemed a bit more relaxed. Can you imagine having your in-laws that you meet for the first time staying with you for a whole month? Not me. Them not speaking a word of English actually worked in Wayne's favor he tells me. LOL Yamelis said she misses them but she's so busy with preparations for Christmas and her son coming home that she is OK.

That's my news for today. Oh, yes, I just happen to have a photo, too.


Victoria said...

Good for Bill with his great health improvement. Thatmust make you feel so much better.

Judy said...

Yes, that does make me take a big sigh of relief, Victoria. They called in the results this morning from his labs and sonogram and all that, and he is doing great. No changes from the last time. That means he doesn't have to go back for the stress tests and all for six months. I don't know how they get his results back so fast when it seems like for every other time we are waiting for results for tests or hear of people that are, it takes at least a week. They always call back the next day. I am thankful for that. Life IS good.

Mary said...

I chuckled when you said you almost took your camera into the Y. Hmmmm, I will have to do that sometime, have someone take a picture of me working on the cross-trainer or something.

I am glad to hear that Bill is doing so well, but this does not surprise me in the least.

Oh, I do think it would be hard to have one's non-English-speaking in-laws visit for a month. Wayne must be very easy going...that's all I can say. LOL.

I always enjoy your entries and your pictures!