Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

I met Marlene and Judy in Apollo Beach for lunch at Circles Restaurant, right on the gulf. The restaurant setting was lovely with all the boats and beach atmosphere. It was such a joy to see Marlene and Judy again. Although we live an hour away, our schedules never seem to coincide enough to get together as often as we want to. We did a lot of catching up over a wonderful lunch. We ate outside so we could enjoy this beautiful weather and the scenery. To say we had a LONG lunch would be an understatement.. but we had lots of catching up to do. Hopefully, when the holidays are over, we can meet again there at Circles and bring the men along to enjoy it with us. That area is about half an hour from all of us so I’m really glad that they knew about it and were able to find it again. I think our friend Jean was the first to find it and now we’ll pass it on. I felt so good when I left there because we finally got together after months of not meeting ,the food was very good, the weather perfect and it all made for a perfect time.

I made it home in time to do a few things around the house, take a quick nap, and then get ready for dinner. Its a hard life but someone's gotta do it! Bill and I went out to dinner with Wayne, Yamelis, Gabriella and Bettina. Gabriella and Bettina were all packed up and ready for their long journey home to Venezuela tomorrow morning. When we asked them what they enjoyed most while here they both said Disney World. LOL Of Course they said number 1 was spending time with their daughter/sister and meeting Wayne and Bill for the first time. I had met them in Mexico when I was there last year. They said they were glad to get to know me better and I took a phrase from Yamelis, "well, of course!" LOL I know Yamelis is going to miss them terribly and vise versa. It’s hard to say when they will get to visit again. With Chavez in power it is extremely hard for them to get Visa’s to visit the states. They had to jump through hoops for years to get this visa. They think they will move back to Mexico City because it is safer than Venezuela. Imagine that!

It’s been a wonderful day and one that makes me feel good about life in general. I’m glad I live here in the states and glad that I have family & friends close is good.


Victoria said...

What a lovely, rich sociable day. Friends, family and beach - all good blessings.

Marlene said...

Judy, I also left our luncheon with a warm feeling in my heart. I always do after seeing you.

Mary said...

I loved looking at the photo of you and Marlene and Judy. Your lunch sounded wonderful, and I hope you DO have an opportunity to meet again with the men as well.

And to think you came home later and had a nice dinner with Bill & Wayne and group as well. You definitely know how to live right. I enjoy keeping up with your activities in your blog.

Peggy said...

Wow do you ever know how to fill a day! Fun to see Marlene and Judy in the photos. Looks like a great day.