Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Women's Club Christmas Luncheon

I went to the Women’s Club luncheon today. Everything looked so festive and the food was delicious. The president talked about all the good we have done this past year and that gave me a real lift and made me feel good about being a part of it all.
I am still not crazy about the way things are handled and I may not remain a member but for the past two years it has been nice to see how much we have been able to accomplish in the community. Perhaps the ends support the means (I think I said that right) but I do think I will consider dropping out in the coming year. They are still after me to head up one of the committees but I thought I’d best not if I’m going to drop out. LOL
I have tried to figure out what doesn’t seem right about this club. They do so much good. Today I realized one big thing is that this organization was built up in a century that I think should be gone. We, the members, are listed as such: Mrs. Bill Roney (Judy). This is our club, our work, etc., why would our husbands be listed there and we are an aside? Just seems strange to me. I am one of the younger women in the club. I’ve been getting the senior discounts for many years now, but I’m the young one. I’ve heard more than a few times that I would bring new “blood” into the club. Well, for one thing I’d be listed as Judy Roney as a member of this club.
Wespend so much time and energy on preparing, cooking, eating, and cleaning up afterwards. I guess this is the way things are done and I know women’s faces dropped when I asked why we spend all that effort and time and money on the lunch when we could all go out to eat for less time and effort and money. I suppose its tradition but it doesn’t make sense to me. sigh I guess I’m a malcontent! LOL I enjoy the company of the women when I’m there but I keep getting the feeling that everything is so antiquated and when I question something I always get the answer “this is the way we’ve done it for 40 years.” Well, I’ve never bought that explanation for anything but that seems to sum it up for the women there and that’s the end of that.
Oh, well, I’ve thought about this for these two years now and I know its time to either stay with this or quit and stop thinking about it so much. I think things to death sometimes and this hardly qualifies for important life events.
I have been searching for ways to belong to the community and I do believe the Women’s Club is it for now.
I go to North Carolina and I’m going 24/7 with this group or that group. Here I find it so difficult to find any place to just enjoy being with other women my age. There’s no painting, writing, knitting, or neighborhood groups that get together. Its not that this town is smaller than the one in NC but it’s just different.
I did try a different church this past Sunday and though it wasn’t in my community I’m willing to stretch though boundaries now. LOL Maybe this will work out. I guess I’m just a joiner and I miss that.
Hmmmm, not sure how all this rambling happened here. I meant to come online and tell you what a nice time I had today at the Women’s Club Luncheon. LOL
I do think of this blog when I do things now because I took my camera with me ready to get a few shots of the way they “do” the club house for Christmas to shoe you. After taking several shots I got a message saying that I had no card in my camera. I had left it home in my computer so ..no pictures for me! I am forgetful on a good day but this month and last month ..forgetaboutit!
Oh, I also wanted to say that I decided not to join the Garden Club. When asked why it was pretty easy. I don’t garden. LOL Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind! I did like the women there though and that would have been fun. So, I just kept trying to figure out a way to join a garden club. I’d also like to join a golf club (those women have so much fun!) but ..I don’t golf. LOL Marlene, my friend I met for lunch yesterday plays tennis maybe four times a week. Hmm, perhaps they are looking for a woman to join that doesn't play tennis. I'll have to check that out.


Victoria said...

I think you are right that a club that refers to people as "Mrs husband's first name, last name." is coming from another century, another conscienceness. I remember being excited to be "Mrs. Kerry Sullivan" as a new bride in 1974 - but though I continued to love being his wife and love being married to BOb now - my enchantment with ttitle didn't last. Makes me think about the song "Sadie, Sadie Married Lady" o be from "Funny Girl and how a woman's position used to be defined so uch by her marriage.

Judy said...

I know what you mean about being excited about the title at first. I love being married to Bill but I love being me, Judy Roney. I've always loved his last name and I have no desire to be a hypenated or to keep my last name. It is just strange to me that I see all these men in my women's club book that have nothing to do with the club. I have to really search to figure out the women's names. Oh, well, people are different and that is the way it is there.

Mary said...

I understand what you mean about not liking to be listed as Mrs. Bill Roney (Judy)......after all, it IS a women's club. Why would the man's name need to be listed first, when you are a person in your own right and the one who is active in the club, whereas Bill is not active at all. It really does sound like this group is operating with rules that are antiquated.

I also agree that you all could go out to eat for less expense and more enjoyment rather than spending so much time cooking and cleaning up.

Good to see that you are still seeking out churches there, and I do hope ou will find one that WILL work well for you.