Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another great day in sunny, cool Florida. Love this weather!

This morning I went to a book signing by a local author, Gilbert Gott, who wrote about Plant City. He really just compiled some interesting stories about the city and put it into a book. He runs the local archive center for the city and he is an interesting man. This book is right up Bill’s alley with local historical content so he will read it first.

>We went to Mike and Junes. June’s birthday is the 15th so we took her a cake. Wayne and Yamelis were already there. They were going to have chili and cake and watch the neighborhood parade. They decorate golf carts and form a parade through the neighborhood and its something the area looks forward to each year. I was really sorry we couldn’t stay for that, but at least we got to stop in and spend a little time with everyone until we had to leave. They have a wonderful, huge pool and they just found out it is leaking. They are having it worked on now. They are dissappointed but I'm sure it will be fixed in no time. Been there, gone through that. Terrible to deal with when they first move in though.
We had made plans to celebrate Jeni’s birthday with Tom and her so we had to leave.
Mike and June have their house fixed up SO nice. We saw it empty, needing work, and what a difference. They did all the work in record time, and it’s gorgeous, warm and inviting. I was shocked that they had done so much in such a short time. Even had it all decorated for Christmas. It was nice spending some time with them, though we didn’t see the parade or make it to Chili time. Gizmo, their chiuahua was a little more outgoing. He is really attached to June as you may notice in the photo. They also have Carver, a yellow lab that is so mellow and Gizmo keeps him in line. LOL They both are so well trained. They were cracking us up and amazing us, too. I think I'm going to try to get Lexi to do something but sit and stay. Maybe shake hands like Gizmo and Carver.

We met Jeni and Tom at the Cheesecake Factory and had a wonderful visit. We were surprised by Tom’s Mom and Sister who stopped by to visit with us a bit, their arms loaded down with gifts from shopping. We are so fortunate to have these people in our lives. I’m very thankful that they will be officially part of the family in April.

Just one of those perfect days all around. Still on a high from all of it, especially celebrating our daughter’s 38th birthday. I cannot believe this woman is THAT old! Geez, that must mean I’m getting on up there. We had a wonderful evening.


Mberenis said...
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Victoria said...

Happy happy day - so many of them shining for you and yours right now. I do like having real winter - but looking out the window and a sky fixing to sleet, your weather sounds pretty good.