Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Car/Train Show

On the third Saturday of the month, Plant City has a car show. Bill and I picked Hanna up last night to take her to the show. We had a nice time though Hanna seemed kind of dazed. That's understandable when I went into her home to get her. More family members were there from Georgia and the house is packed with people. Her grandfather was awake and alert today. He said he got a good night's sleep last night for the first time since he got home from the hospital. His daughter's told me that every time someone comes down to see him, he perks up and does real good for a couple of days. I told them that they were doing a great thing for their dad by having his family come in like that and it's something they would never regret. I remember Bob, my brother, was the same way. He'd seem so sick during the week and when someone came to spend the weekend (which was every weekend); he'd be the life of the party. I think family and friends help make the last days better, no matter how hard it gets to have people there when you have so much to do to keep things going. Hanna's Mom's, twin sisters who are daughters to the grandfather, are doing such a wonderful job of caring for him. They have to keep working but they take separate shifts and when they aren't working they are taking care of him, Hanna, her brother, and the people coming in. They sure have a lot on their plate.

We went to the Whistle Stop Café for dinner downtown by the railroad tracks. Plant City was built along the railroad track which was vital to this area's development. Our highlight of the night I think was this little boy that was in the seat behind us. He wanted to see a train with his whole being. He just knew that he'd see one but his grandpa would tell him he couldn't count on it. Bill told him that at 8 o'clock he bet there would be a train. (He has inside information). This little guy was so excited he was busting at the seams. Hanna and I just thought he was too cute for words so we were just hoping it would come on time for him. It did. The little guy was beside himself as his grandpa took him to the track. He came over to Bill after the train left to tell him all about it. LOL He was just adorable, so full of excitement. Hanna even said she was excited because he was so excited. LOL

That was more fun than the car show.

We went to the train museum after dinner and that was pretty interesting looking at some of the old memorabilia there. All in all it was a nice day and I'm glad we got Hanna out for a few hours.


Mary said...

Nice that Bill and you took Hanna to the car show. Though she loves her grandfather, I am sure that having some time away from him and doing something fun was very good for her.

You said you think family and friends help make the last days better no matter how hard it gets. This makes me think / ponder who will be there with me in my last days. Who will be with any of us during our last days?

I enjoyed reading about the little boy who wanted to see the train with his whole being. He reminded me of Isaac really, on the day I took Isaac to see the small trains running around Lego villages. I just love the intense interests of young children. And those of us who are privileged enough to experience it somehow are very lucy people, I think.

Diane T said...

My thoughts continue to be with Hanna and her family. Hanna is so lucky to know Bill and you, and it is so nice that you took her to the car/train show to perhaps get her mind on something else for a little while anyway.

Peggy said...

What fun! and great to see the photos.

Victoria said...

I love seeing these photos too, and reading about your adventure, especially the generous way you and bill gave hanna an adventure with the backdrop of grief and loss. You are people of great heart, both of you.