Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Million Party Plans

We locked in the date, April 18, for the caterers. We are having salad, ribs, cheese potatoes,roasted vegetables, rolls, ice tea, and lots of appetizers. The caterers, Southern Gourmet, will be out on Wednesday to check the lay of the land so they will know just where to set everything up. I have tables and chairs rented. The favors are ordered and on their way to us. The bar tender and her crew is hired, photographer hired, florist hired, DJ hired, cake, no lights. I guess that doesn't sound so bad now that I have it in front of me.
The party planning group; Jeni, JoJo, Charlene, Bill and me are meeting here Sunday to discuss all the details large and small. We should have everything taken care of by then. Whew...that will be a great feeling to have all that taken care of. Perhaps we will be able after Sunday;all the way up until party day.


Mary said...

Yummm, I am getting hungry just reading about the food you are having at the party. What a festive event it will be. And it sounds as if all is almost you should soon be able to relax. Bravo to that!

Sue said...

So many posts. So much exciting news!!!
I am so happy for you and feel your joy.

Diane T said...

It does sound like you are really looking forward to this event and have everything well planned! What fun it is to read about.