Friday, March 20, 2009


Today I went to the Womens' Club for the annual luncheon and card party. I don't play cards. sigh A lot of them play bridge and really take it seriously. I don't take games seriously either. If I am going to PLAY a game, I want to PLAY. LOL
So, they had two tables set up for those of us who do not play cards and we played dominoes. The game is different than any I have played. I think they call it Mexican Dominoes or train or something. It was more fun than the regular game of dominoes.
Anyway, we tried to keep the noise down, we domino women, but it was impossible. We just like to live on the wild side.
We did make some money for scholarships though so it was all good. We gave eleven scholarships away last year so we are hoping for more this year.
I tried my new camera out and hope they turn out to be better than any others. :) Wishful thinking here.
I won a door prize, a painting by a well known artist in this area, Jossie. I'm happy about that.
Nothing got done around the house today, it was play day almost all day!


Mary said...

Great to have a light-hearted day of luncheon and play. I have played this Mexican train Dominos too and have enjoyed it. Lucky you to have won a door prize of a painting by an area artist. Enjoy your weekend too!

Bill said...

You wild domino women. Now you know why dominos is banned in several places. LOL. In South America dominos is a favorite game. Like in Cuba where the men take it very seriously.

Victoria said...

i have sweet domino memories - screened in porch, learning from my Czech grandfather and uncle - gratitude for their patience as I learned the game as a child. YOur post brings back good memories.