Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Gift

Something extraordinary happened to me today. I went to pick a painting up from the framers. SOHO sales a lot of creative things but in the back of the store they have a frame shop. I like it there because they are so helpful when I'm indecisive on color or mat or frame style. They will give there opinion and usually a very good, artistic one. I have been to frame shops who say, "it depends one what you like" if I ask them what THEY think about a choice I make. Well, duh, I do know it's up to me and my choice but I want another opinion, too, or I wouldn't ask. So, anyway, I got to know the women who work in the frame shop at SOHO. When I walked in to pick up my framed painting, I saw the Artist of the Month article about me BEAUTIFULLY framed and hanging there on this big wall as you approach the shop. Sherri, the framer said it was there gift to me, that they loved the article and wanted to frame it for me. It's beautiful. I was speechless (for probably the first time in...ever!). I had to walk away for a few minutes and go back. It's an expensive frame job, too. I am amazed that a store would do that for someone. Well, needless to say they have my loyalty forever. LOL
Thing is, Bill went to the Focus Magazine to get the original photo and article so we would have a clean copy, and I was going to have that framed anyway.
This day has me smiling, what a wonderful surprise.


Ann said...

What a neat gift and neat surprise for a gifted artist, Judy!

Mary said...

How wonderful to read about the frame shop's gift to you. It was very thoughtful of them and also very good business. What a special day!

Victoria said...

What a wonderful and deserved surprise, artist woman.

Jessie said...

Judy--I'm catching up on your blog, and just saw the one about the framed article. What a nice thing for the shop to do! (And congratulations on the article too)