Monday, March 2, 2009

Today was not a beautiful sunny day. It was a beautiful rainy, cold day. Bill took us for a tour of the Tampa Bay area. We had a delicious lunch at The Colonade on Bayshore Blvd overlooking the gulf. We didn't get home until 7pm. The day was a nice break from the hard work of writing. JWe went over the Skyway Bridge and into St. Pete and Clearwater. The cold temps foiled our plans for dinner on the beach and watching the sun set. Oh, well, everyone can look forward to that another time. We did make it to the pink hotel, The Don Cesar and did at least get to see the beach from there. We also had drinks and snacks at the Vinoy hotel in St. Pete. We just had to opt for the indoor things and we did have a great time, though I am sure that would be the case wherever we gathered and in whatever weather.

We met to read our poems to Bill at 8:30. He came out ready for combat in his fatigues and MASH shirt. He doesn't like poetry and our assignment was to write something that a person who doesn't like poetry might appreciate. Oh, my, what fun it was, too. We had several that referred to engines revving and carburetors carbing, also a few references to riding a Harley. (Sly women here.)

The first place winner though was Diane. What was nice about Bill's critiques and choices is that he took his job seriously and told us why he chose what he did. He chose Diane's because it was a poem of her angst over trying to write a poem just for him and wishing she could get it just right. He appreciated that and loved the style and that some passages stuck with him. The reader of the poem also won a first prize and that was Dolly.

The second place winner was Lynne who wrote about this house and the love in it. (I was really touched by this one as well.) and the second place reader was Belle.

The third place winner was ME! Imagine that. I wrote about this tough man who picked himself up after tragedy and went forward. Lynne won third place for reader.

I didn't take a gift of course so he was able to choose a fourth place winner, who was Ann for her racy carburetor and car parts poem.

Congratulations to the winners!
Dolly, gave us a demonstration on how to cut, peel and slice a mango so you get a beautiful presentation. Dolly is certainly our exotic tropical fruit expert now since she has been in Costa Rica. Yum, the mango was not only beautifully displayed but YUMMY! We just keep learning at this retreat.

This morning we are writing a celebration poem. The girls who walk just got back and everyone is at their computers or with pad and paper in hand.

Its time for me to do the same.


Sue said...

I was so looking forward to reading the poems for Bill. Where are they? Ladies...please share.

Victoria said...

Thank you again for all the documenting Judy - and especially for the poetry contest results.

Mary said...

What fun to read about the contest to write a poem for Bill. He is a wonderfully honored man to have so many women writing about him. Not many men are so lucy.

P. S. Please relay that message to him. LOL

Judy said...

Mary, I relayed your message to Bill and he said, "yes, she is right about that!". He DOES realize how lucky he is and that is a good thing.
As a rule he left before we got up and just came in to get ready for bed and sleep but there were times when he was surrounded by women and he was certainly coignazant of that! LOL
Just to let you know, he DID mention you a couple of times. I think he feels a comradarie with the Skywriters once he meets them and he thinks you and he think a lot alike. :)