Sunday, March 15, 2009

Party Plans

Jeni and JoJo came over to show the florist and bartender the house and grounds and to exchange ideas about how to set up and how to decorate for the party. The bartender (Spunky Spirits, like that name) was full of neat ideas and she will be making a specialty drink for the bride and groom called the "Fliperoney". LOL Jeni and Tom will choose what is in it and it will be served at the party. Tom's nickname is Flip because his last name is Filipkowski. Filipkowski and Roney combine for a Fliperoney.

I found out an interesting tidbit. Jeni's work friends call her Jeni Roney, not just Jeni. They like the way the name sounds. LOL Now they will have to call her Jeni unless they want to go through Jeni Filipkowski, which seems unlikely. LOL She is glad to be moving up the alphabet from R to F though. J

We don't want the bartender to be prominent in this so we are hoping that the caterer will have some incredible ideas and be more visible. We still have our fingers crossed on a caterer. Jeni and JoJo were meeting with Charlene yesterday afternoon about the catering choices and discussion on that. Jen and Jojo also went to the bakery to give them their ideas for the cake. Jeni wants non traditional and since the whole party will be a beach theme, they are taking my painting of the two person chair on the beach and using that as a theme for the party. It will be on their drinks and the cake top. They have an idea of rounds of blue wavy cupcakes under the top layer of my painting reproduction and that that will look like ocean waves. We will see.

Then the flower person came which was a friend of theirs from work ,Sheryl. Sheryl also had a lot of ideas and some money saving ones which I just loved. LOL She stayed with us for lunch. Bill had made a pot of soup (garbanzo bean) and I had sandwiches and then a St. Patty's green icing cake (raspberry with cream icing which was really good) and we just talked about the wedding and different things. It was a beautiful day and we ate out by the pool. These girls, er, women, work so hard and I'm glad this party will give them an opportunity to relax and help celebrate Jeni and Tom's wedding.

Things are really coming together. JoJo and Charlene are great planners and they have some great friends or friends who know people that really are helping out. One of the women brought up the subject of "what if it rains". Well, it just won't be allowed and if it does we will just have a lot of soaking wet people running around outside! Thankfully they won't ruin their best clothes because this is a beachy, very casual party. LOL

This meeting took a load off, seeing how organized they are (especially JoJo) and that we are getting good people in to do these jobs. Now, fingers still crossed about the caterer.


Mary said...

All is really coming together nicely! I wonder what will be in the "Fliperoney." I would guess they will have to sample a few combinations before making their decision. LOL.

How neat that the theme of the party will be BEACH and that they are going to use your painting of a two-person beach chair on the beach!

I can see you are really enjoying the preparations. It won't be long now.....

Diane T said...

It is so hard to believe that the wedding is so quickly approaching. What fun that they will be using the two-person-beach-chair painting as a theme!


Victoria said...

The wedding really is coming up - fun to read about it here, and I love Fliperoni! The Polish and Irish mix of names matches some opf the marriages of my small town Texas visits with Grandparents - happy connotations.