Sunday, March 1, 2009

Retreat Day 3

I won't say it's another beautiful day since it's getting redundant. (But it is)

The women who took a morning walk saw hawks and woodpeckers and wrote about some of those things. Seems a morning walk is always inspirational for Ann's poetry. I'm usually on the treadmill with a book so inspiration wouldn't find me in that situation.

Today we had some delicious Cuban bread with cream cheese and guava. Bill got us some at a bakery he used to go to when he was a firefighter in a particular area of Tampa. Oh, boy, was that ever good and quite a treat to start off our day of writing. We discussed how fast this retreat was going and that we couldn't possibly get everything done that we had thought of. We are picking and choosing and trying to combine. It is what it is; we'll do what we can.

After breakfast and morning pages we shared what we wrote about foreshadowing and then the poem that it foreshadowed. We all came up with some very interesting writing I thought. Some of them were really crafty in their foreshadowing. We had lunch and a lot of us chose some left over garbanzo bean soup and salad from last night.

Ann and Lynne will cook tonight and the smells coming from the kitchen right now foreshadows a delicious dinner for us. J

Ann gave a demonstration of making a book this time that was fancier and more decorative than the one she showed us before. Then she presented the finished product to me which I was thrilled with. I am getting lots of ideas of things to work with Hanna, including the binding and book making.

Today we are working on a poem for Bill. Here's the deal. Bill doesn't like poetry. It's a miracle if I get him to read a poem of mine. Our assignment is that, knowing how Bill feels about Poetry, we are to write a poem we think he WILL like. There's more. There's a contest tomorrow night. We will pass our work to someone else to read and we'll read to Bill tomorrow night. He will choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winner. If, for instance, Ann's poem is the one he likes MOST, Ann will get a 1st place gift but also, the one who reads her poem will win one as well. The idea is Bill won't know who the author is.

We are also working with drawing paper and color pencil to draw some likeness of what our chapbook cover might look like. Nothing like grown women coloring to make you feel like a kid again, and get the creative juice flowing. I think all things creative must be connected. When we drew our book covers, not only were we surprised at what we created but names for the chapbooks came to mind when they did their drawings. Cool

Got to go make an appetizer and get busy on my drawing.




Mary said...

Thank you for sharing so much about the retreat. I enjoyed reading about the doings and seeing the pictures! I cannot imagine that Bill would not enjoy the poems that were produced for him!

Diane T said...

Thank you Judy. I've been following along as well... and wishing I was there. So glad you're all having a great time.

Victoria said...

I love seeing the pictures and reading about the retreat. Thank you Judy.