Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jeni’s Wedding Shower/Bachelorette Party

Karla, Jeni, and Jennifer. The shower began at 5p.m. in Karla's gorgeous home in Valrico. Jennifer, the other friend that was hosting the party, was playing bar tender in the room upstairs when we arrived. Karla has decorated the upstairs in a man's paradise of sports memorabilia, big screen TV, bar, and comfy leather couch facing the TV. The pool table was covered to allow for the appetizers.

This was an all girl party, Tom and his friends were having his bachelor party at the beach, so Livi, Jeni's dog (female) attended as well. LOL

Smells from the kitchen wafted up the stairs. Karla's Mom, Joni, is a wonderful cook, I had heard that, but I didn't know what a good cook Karla is. The food was wonderful!!! The house, when I entered looked very Italian style to me and when I mentioned that Jeni informed me that Karla IS Italian so that would explain that. LOL We spilled out onto her lanai and her beautiful pool area and just enjoyed the whole place so much.

Jeni and her friends wore their Channelside Bachelorette party clothes and they were all so stunning! Tom's Mom, Kay;his sister, Pam; and sister's daughter, Leah (photo below)were there and it was so nice to be together, just us women and catch up. It was such a joy to connect again with Jeni's friends. They are such wonderful women and I'm glad I know them. They are all special to me.

Jeni opened the gifts and then we ate cake. There were three cakes. One was incredible looking with strawberries and cream icing but two of them were incredibly strange and I won't go into that part but it appeared to be body parts and, though absolutely delicious, I tried not to look at what part I was eating. It was all so yummy though!!! The real shocker is that I heard Joni was the producer of these tasty treats! I didn't believe them though, Joni! It was only a rumor.

I enjoyed seeing so many of Jeni's friends again, and meeting the ones that I didn't know.

One really exasperating thing is that I was taking most of the photos with my camera that I had just got out of the shop (it was ruined in the rain in Costa Rica, fixed supposedly)and most of the shots are really blurry. The camera is under warranty and we took it back but it's so frustrating because these photos can't be replaced. They were terrible. I'm relying on others that took photos to have some good ones. I definitely have my camera issues. I'm going to start having a back up always! For now, I'll just live with those wonderful memories of a perfect night.
It was wonderful just watching Jeni and seeing her so happy.

The younger and livelier women then went downtown to Channelside to finish the party. We older fuddy-duddys headed home to bed. J

One more month until the wedding now. I sure hope I have a camera that works by then! Make that two! We will have photographers at the wedding party, thankfully.


Mary said...

What a terrific party this must have been. And I am sure the cakes must have been a hit! And I am sure it was fun seeing all of Jeni's friends!

Sorry about your camera and the pictures. You have had really bad luck with cameras at different times over the years, it seems.

Mary said...

Wonderful that you now have added pictures, Judy. A few may be a LITTLE blurry, but not bad. Hard to believe the wedding is coming soooo soon!

Judy said...

Thanks for your comments, Mary. Actually, I am picking out the best of the photos, not the ones I would necessarily like to post. LOL Most really are terribly fuzzy and unfocused. It was a lovely shower though, I'm just unable to show all. :)

Victoria said...

Beautiful shower and friendship community - so much obvious love despite camera frustration. And just one more monthe to the wedding. Wow!