Saturday, March 21, 2009

We kept seeing patches of our yard dug up and couldn't figure out what critter could be causing the damage. This morning, new camera in hand, I spotted the critter. I'll say it's an armadillo but I sure thought I'd have to go West to see one. I know we have our own owl, raccoon, and now an armadillo. The owl is cute, so's the raccoon, this armadillo is just strange looking. LOL

I read that Florida armadillos are nine banded and aren't native but they make their home here and proliferate. I did not realize that the plugs out of my yard could be worse. The article said they could even undermine the structure of your home with their digging. YIKES!

Bill had mentioned trapping the critter and relocating him but I think, from the sounds of it, we need to call a professional who will relocate the armadillo where he can't do any harm. We'll see how this plays out. LOL I'm having visions of possums we had in the attic and one dying up there.....oh, my, we practically had to rebuild the house we lived in then! I still think of possums when I think of that house. This was a huge subdivision, too, not a country home. When the trapper came he ended up catching a whole family of possums. Yuk. Not a pretty sight.


Bill said...

What an absolutely ugly creature. I will trap this demon and then I will transport him to the woods. Wait, we are in the woods. Okay, I will transport him further into the woods. Oh what a dilemma. Guess I need to catch him first, then I will decide his new home.

Victoria said...

I like armadillos - enjoy seeing them, odd as they are, when we hike. But not in the yard! I remember reading somewhere that they are useful in studies for the cure of leporosy - but don't remember how or why.