Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What an interesting and varied day I had today. Today was the Women's Club Meeting and it was my committee that was responsible for lunch. We had chicken and yellow rice with peas, green salad and flan. There are some really good cooks there and the food was delicious. I just made the salad for my part which was fool proof. The President of the club has resigned and so did the 1st and 2nd Vice President last month. I'm glad I missed that. Seems there was a reason for my perception that the club wasn't much "fun". I guess there was an undercurrant that I wasn't aware of. Today was a nice day though, I stayed in the kitchen most of the day out of harms way. LOL I still wish we'd eat out instead of all the cooking, cleaning, and concentration on those aspects of the meeting instead of other things. I met a couple of women there I had not met before so that's always to be considered a plus in my book. Oh, they also had the article of me in the magazine up on the board and I thought that was really cool.:)
The speaker was from the Tampa Extension Service and she talked on Conservation. she said a few things that I hadn't thought about or was unaware of.
For instance: Save water that runs in your shower (before it gets hot) in pails and water your plants with it.
Washing your dishes by hand takes more water than the dishwasher (this was news to me). Don't rinse dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, just scrape them good.
Buy appliances with an energy star on them.
Front door washer and dryers use less water and energy than top loading.
Insulate pipes., fix leaks, use low flow shower heads,
If you are leaving the house for even a few days, unplug everything
Even though you don't turn something on, just having them plugged in uses a bit of electricity.
Recycle phone books
Put a water bottle (Like the ones we carry around with us) in your plants upside down and it will water your plant sometimes for up to a week.
Trees help with air polution
ATM - If you indicate you do not want a receipt at the ATM, you are conserving paper
Wash you car at a car wash that recycles their water instead of at home.
Make sure toilets are low flow newer ones

Not much new to me but some were.


Mary said...

I thought about the tips from the person from the Tampa Extension Service. I am definitely guilty of these things. For example, I do RINSE dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.I have learned that leaving things plugged in uses electricity. For example, if one leaves one's cell phone charger plugged in with no cell phone, it uses electricity. I never knew this before this winter. I will definitely draw the line at saving water in pails in my shower. LOL. I hardly think not taking a receipt at an ATM conserves any paper worth worrying about. I DO recycle phone books, but for heaven sake we get so many phone books from different companies that it is ridiclous. Your post definitely got my mind working tonight! Interesting stuff.

Victoria said...

I am saving your list of conservation techniques Judy, and I guess Im an "every little bit helps" person. We do save shower water in pails and use it on plants. Thats actually a habit I learned from my grandmother years ago. I don't seem to be able to bring myself not to rinse off dishes though - just feels unclean. And I didn't know leaving the phone charger plugged in without the phone used energy i will go unplug mine as soon as I stop typing. about the undercurrents in your gorup - that kind of thing is so painful - I wish that weren't going on.