Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Retreat Day 6

We wake up over breakfast at Parkesdale Farms. Yep, it was strawberry shortcake for breakfast! I'm glad that the Skywriter women enjoyed Parkesdale as much as I do. We had huge strawberry shortcakes and walked around through produce and the beautiful,unusual flowers there. We also perused photos taken when President Obama and John McCain were through here to enjoy their shortcakes. J

We went by to see the car lot and visit with Bill and our manager, Larry. While we were there Carlos the postman came in. I'm glad the women got to meet Carlos. I always feel like I'm in a sit-com when he comes in. Carlos is always in a good mood and can he talk! LOL He's a fun guy to be around. Now when he and our driver/good friend, Darrell is there, too, it's all really hopeless. You are gonna laugh! Bill's office is very retro and I'm glad they got to see the Lone Ranger/old car/old toy room. LOL

Dolly and Diane left us before lunch. Diane drove here from Boca and Dolly had flown from Costa Rica to Diane's and made the trip with her. Diane's car is SO Diane. It's a mini-cooper convertible, bright yellow with John Lennon license plates. Love that car! Dolly's husband, George, flew in from Costa Rica and they will go on down to Sarasota to visit with some of Dolly's family and then on north to visit with George's brother so they are really making the rounds this trip to the states.

Peggy, Lynne and I went on to the historic downtown Plant City. We looked in some of the antique and gift shops but ended up at the Camellia Rose Tea Room. What fun we had. Hats were provided for our tea and we each donned them with delight. We felt transported to another era. LOL We couldn't stop laughing at each other in the hats but we really were impressed with how snazzy each looked in theirs. The lunch was delicious. Hot soup on this cold day was perfect and the sandwiches were incredible. We had a variety of finger sandwiches. This was English tea with a Southern flair. We tried to get the recipe for the chicken salad but we couldn't budge them in their determination to keep it a secret. Very unusual and very good. We had the Plant City Strawberry tea and just ooh and ahhed over everything. I love their gift shop, too, and we had fun perusing that. I think we all came out of there with some ideas and some gifts as well.

We decided we needed a rest after our trip downtown so we went home to relax a bit before we went to the Strawberry Festival.\ I'm glad they were able to see this festival for the first time. We went to the free seats to see Travis Tritt perform and that was enjoyable even though we had to huddle up to keep warm. We also heard a gospel group perform in one of the tents that we all thought was very good. The funniest thing that happened is that they had this place where you could sit in dentist chairs and get your teeth whitened on the spot. Bill did it! We had fun teasing him about that, and took photos as well, of course. LOL

We saw Hanna's painting and my paintings, all three. I was interesting in seeing this year's winners to see what the judges were looking for. Sometimes it's hard to figure out, but this time it was obvious to me. So much excellent talent represented. I always enjoy seeing the arts and also the crafts and the food items that were judged and on display. The cake decoration display was fun to see as well as the quilting, needlework, knitting and crocheted things.

We came home and the two women prepared for their journey home from here to California. This house is going to be terribly quiet tomorrow and I will miss these women. What fun we have had writing and creating and getting closer as a group and individually. I think Bill and Lexi will miss them almost as much as I will. What a wonderful group of writers and friends. I am just delighted that now I will have memories of them being here at the house, the business, in the towns, and at the festival. Each of these women who are writers are a blessing.




Victoria said...

Judy, I know how much time it ttakes to document like htis - Thank you. and I can't believe Bill did the teeth whitening thing - Brave! I know I would have enjoyed the festival and the gospel music - even if cold.

Mary said...

That strawberry shortcake certainly looks out of this world. I see it popping right off the page at me and wish I could taste it! Everyone looks like they are enjoying it for sure. And how neat that you visited the car lot and the toy room. I am sure that the mini cooper of Diane's would be fun to see. I kow she's described it, and it does suit her. I loved the pictures with hats at Camelia Rose Tea Room. That would have been fun. Makes ME want to get out a fancy hat. Where are you in your hat? LOL Glad you could see the Strawberry Festival, including your paintings (what a high that must be) and Hanna's painting. I am sure she was excited to have it entered there. And what fun to see Travis Tritt..who seems like a strawberry festival kinda guy! I enjoy my strawberry bag from last retreat and love the strawberry jam, by the way! Bill was brave to do the teeth whitening. I saw this kind of thing in our Sams Club and no way...LOL.. I enjoyed your blog entries, Judy. You do a great job of sharing.

Judy said...

Yes, I think you would have enjoyed it as well, Victoria. The Strawberry Festival is such a big deal here and always has something that is interesting and fun.
Mary, I am looking forward to seeing ME in my hat as well. I often was without my camera and Peggy was taking photos with her incredible camera (and eye) and I hope to add some of those key photos as well. We can look forward to seeing them as her photos are always incredible.
Thanks for your comments, Victoria and Mary about keeping the blog updated. It is hard and you are right, Mary, I keep adding and hope to add more when I get some more photos from other sources. I do have a few on here from Lynne's because I was able to upload them onto my computer (beach scenes).